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Trailing workshop (new setup!)

20 maart 2021 van 09:00 tot 21 maart 2021 van 16:00

“This will be an amazing opportunity to take your skill up to a whole new level; we’ll spend 2 full days absolutely hammering the method…you’ll be exponentially better and completely prepared for future practice. It will also be the perfect way to step up your game for trailing evaluations!”
Casey McFarland.

In this two-day workshop we will be covering all the skills needed for following the fresh trail of an animal. The set up of this workshop is aimed at anyone, wanting to learn how to get close to an animal without being noticed. Another reason might be you are preparing for a trailing evaluation. �Trailing is rather difficult to organise in Holland, so on the first day of this workshop we will mainly be focussing on man-made trails, but the skills needed to be on trail stay the same. On the second day we will be focussing on actually trying to find and see the animal we are following.��

Day 1. On the first day we’ll start with a short introduction. From then on, we will be on trail for the rest of the day. We keep the group size to a maximum of 5 students, so everyone will have a chance to be on lead. You will learn how to recognize a fresh trail. In which direction is the animal walking, and in what gait? We’ll be dealing with all kinds of challenging substrate; from dusty sand to needles, from leaf litter to solid ground. Am I still ‘on trail’? What do I know of the animal’s behaviour. Where do I expect this animal is going to? Are these bird alarm calls because of me? Where is the wind coming from? We’ll take turns who is on lead and you’ll be given tuition throughout the day.

Day 2. On the second day we move to another area where we will try and get close to deer. You will have a chance to put your newly learned knowledge from day 1 into practice. We will also cover new and essential skills: stealth (how to move quietly and unobserved) and the use of peripheral vision. How to approach an unaware animal and leave the scene again without being noticed. We communicate by hand signals only.


finding a fresh track
aging of tracks
following a trail
learning to see you are still ‘on trail’
dealing with different substrate
finding a lost track
being aware of other track tracks and sign when on trail
recognizing the behaviour of the animal you follow
predicting the behaviour of your quarry
stealth when on trail

Duration: two full days (approx. from 9 till 16 hours)
Group size: 5 max
Location: The Netherlands
Costs per person € 195,=
Including taxes.
Excluding lunches and possible overnight stay.

For enlisting, please follow the link:


20 maart 2021 van 09:00
21 maart 2021 van 16:00


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